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Why a Disclaimer? We realize that this Disclaimer Reading Process is a long one, but is a necessity as I'll explain as you read here, but PLEASE continue to read it, as you'll come to appreciate why it is required. It will also show you the gravity of what Mr. Krenn experienced in his Army career and also in life in general. It has not been an easy go for him nor for any other combat veteran.

Because we have received negative comments about the Memoirs, in respect to certain racial groups and certain references to some of our Allies, who fought beside us in WWII. Mr. Krenn does not wish to make apologies to any of those offended because his record is factual, and states EXACTLY what happened during the war, in which thousands died, struggling to keep the world safe and free. To diminish their sacrifice in any way, to be "Politically correct" would be a major slap in the face of those who gave their all. Therefore, Mr. Krenn wishes the record to stand as it was originally put down, and therefore you must first agree by your click of the mouse, that you are willing to read his Story, without laying any blame or lawsuit. At this stage of the game, the man is approaching his 80's, I am quite sure, a lawsuit would kill the man. I also am sure none of you who read this record would like that on your conscience. He told the truth, and your click of the mouse is your way of agreeing with it, or at least being adult enough to accept Mr. Krenn's rather EXACTING report of his experiences in WWII. 

I am sorry if this page is rather "windy" but the bases MUST be covered. With that said and agreed upon, please read the Disclaimer. If you click the "I Agree" Link without reading, you still have agreed to these terms!

If you don't have much time to read the disclainer online, it is suggested you Print out the Printable Disclaimer Document and read it when you do have time, and then return to the Website and continue on.

Know this, that I have had to state a Disclaimer to the Krenn Papers, because some people (or groups) have been offended by some of the content, therefore, if you continue to read them, you should be advised that...

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Hello, my name is Ken 'Jake' Jaccard, Mr. Krenn’s publicist. When I first began the project of converting Mr. Krenn’s diary into good, readable text, I found that he had withheld nothing, regarding how he (and others of his peers) felt about certain things at that time. Such things as referring to racial groups; his displeasure with certain aspects of same; and his often references to his Commanding General(s). While in today's political climate, such comments or references would be considered “politically incorrect”, I came to the conclusion that one would have to sacrifice too much of the record, to please modern thinkers, when it was my desire from the get-go, to tell the story as Mr. Krenn experienced it, leaving out nothing. I felt that to be “Politically Correct” would make the story and facts of the experiences of Mr. Krenn and the 1st Armored, “Historically Incorrect”. I could not do this. Therefore, I stuck with the record as recorded by Mr. Krenn religiously, which, in Biblical terms, meant, “not one ‘jot nor tittle’ would be left out” – for leaving some things out of the Record, would render the work just another fictional story about some event or events that took place so long ago, that, in today's view would be not even worthy of comment or study. So now you know why the record stands as Mr. Krenn wrote it; the Record which ‘Stars and Stripes’ refused to print in many cases, and why even part of the story, he was told by the Army to keep under wraps!"

The Title Banner of this Website, I chose to do in the color
RED to commemorate the many lives lost in North Africa and the horrible struggles that took place at Anzio and the battles for Italy, where the 1st Armored labored for over 30 months.

The entire record as presented here is copyrighted and is the sole property of Arthur E. Krenn. Absolutely NO using of this text by anyone, without prior approval from the Author and/or Editor (Ken "Jake" Jaccard). To seek permission, please write, using the address below, or by sending Email to the Administrator using the
Contact Link on any page on this website with your request, and reason for use of text.

Also, please be advised that the entire text presented here is the complete text and has only been censored somewhat as explained in the Disclaimers below.

Note: If expletives offend your sensibilities, then please do not read the Memoirs. Go here instead.

It must be remembered always, that certain references to Negroes and other nationalities are given in context of the times, and the actions of the moment. Do not misconstrue Mr. Krenn's intentions here as being racist. Mr. Krenn merely vernacular of the times (the 1940's) as well as the generally accepted mind-set, and had no intention of insulting or demeaning anyone. His words of anger towards certain Commanders in the narrative was fairly common during the stress of combat especially when those Commanders used poor or even disastrous judgment that got men killed. The text is presented as he wrote it in his pocket notebook, day by day, while his Division, the 1st Armored, was deployed in Europe.?  Little has been changed, other than grammar and/or spelling corrections.

Other Disclaimers

In view of the current trend of 'Political Correctness', I offer the following what Mr. Krenn has to say about some issues:

"About my reference to Major General Fredendall: On more than one occasion, I had originally used more descriptive words to describe how all of us "Dog faces" felt about him and his poor leadership; words which many of us used openly, but out of respect for good officers and the United States Army, and also to my many readers, I decided to eliminate such expletives. Besides when you deride someone else, you are shedding similar bad light on yourself. Its not easy to be a judge of another, for when we seek to do so, we realize how much we, ourselves are not perfect by any measure known to mankind. So for Major General Fredendall, I and the rest of us, who concurred with my original observation of the man, will leave his final judgment up to Almighty God, wherein lies all Just judgment, and in Whom we all trust will balance all accounts.

"About my often reference to the Tea Drinkers: It is difficult to present True History when most other histories and historians love so much to slant the truth to satisfy one group of people or another; or to present history through "
Rose colored glasses" - and there is no doubt that most all history books have been written to do just that. It is not my wish to join ranks with these historians, as they are not really historians at all - just mere reporters of word passed down to them from someone who didn't wish to upset or offend someone - in this case, the British. But since I am a True Historian, and was in the heat of many a battle, and saw with my own eyes what these so-called warriors were up to, I can report the truth as I lived it day by day, and also saw it in real time. When it comes to fighting wars, and winning battles, home grown and home brewed customs, such as taking tea at 4 PM, regardless of what's going on around you, should stay right there, at home! Battlefields are no place for tea parties nor for those who care to take a ‘break’ at 2 in the afternoon. Because of this practice, many good men lost their lives, and many battles were lost, which otherwise may have been won.

"War is ugly, brutal and men of war need to be alert all the times, not just between the hours of tea-time. And this is the reason why I had such an open disdain for the British. Any true historian, which I claim to be, knows the facts about the above, and therefore, find no reason to continue in any form of apology, for the facts speak for themselves, as does true history. I trust I have made my point?

"References to the Blacks and other minorities:  As was stated in the above disclaimer, any references to racial groups, including Blacks and the Brazilians was done so, in context of the times that this Epic was in the making and the writing. I am not a racist in any way; however, I reported such feelings then because of the many times the 92nd Infantry Division did not measure up to what was expected of combat infantrymen. My statements about the Blacks was not due to their skin color, but rather referenced their ability to hold up under combat situations, especially at the Genghis Khan Line when they all fled in terror 40 miles behind the line. The record speaks for itself. However, the "Buffalo Soldiers" as they came to be known as, in later operations, proved themselves without question and held up under even the worse case battle scenarios and wrote their own history book - a proud history, I might add!

"The Brazilians themselves may have been good soldiers, but many times, I found them to be more adept at making love than into making war. I also caught them actually collaborating with the enemy. Although some perhaps were cowards and collaborators, I am convinced that the majority of the Brazilians were not. Therefore I have reserved my feelings and opinions of them, to the few who, in my estimation, should have remained in Brazil."

Editor’s note: Since these Memoirs of S/Sgt Arthur E. Krenn appeared on the InterNet, I have received Email from some participants in this campaign that say that some of the reporting was not exactly accurate, but keep in mind that these happenings took nearly 60 years ago, and the writer tells me that some of his memoirs were damaged by a fire and that he may have made some errors in its reconstruction. But as of 20 May 2000, I have received a corrected copy of the Record, and have edited it as Mr. Krenn has advised. He has stated that the errors have been corrected to his best memory and ability, and asks that those who read the corrected copy will keep in mind that all the reported data from his experience in North Africa and Italy have been reported as best he could, given the extreme circumstances of the time, and also due to the many years that have clouded memories that most veterans would choose to forget. I have to say that Mr. Krenn has been extremely noble in his wish to present the Truth, which in some cases will fly in the face of published history. But the best historian, to anyone's understanding is the one who lived the experience day by day, and reported on it day by day; keeping the daily record on a notepad in his vest pocket. We can be very thankful to such historians, such as Mr. Krenn, for feeling so driven to keep a record of the Truth about what transpired during the 30 months that the 1st Armored Division was deployed in Europe.


Ken “Jake” Jaccard,
Arthur E. Krenn's Editor & Webmaster

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